On the Canopy Trail

First Entry, New Album, Christmas Eve 

It's Christmas Eve, and I'm so grateful to have a beautiful album to share with the world. Those who know me from Kimbro's Picking Parlor and other venues  here in TN have watched the progression of these songs and of me as a person. Many of you have aided my evolution with your energy and input.

It's a scary and exhilarating feeling to share one's soul on such a personal level with the community and with the world, but it is an artist's calling to do so. I've felt that calling since I was a child and numerous attempts by myself and others to distract or derail it have failed. 

I offer you all this album of original songs in the darkest season of the darkest year, confident that we will wake up as the light approaches, and we will be whole. We have always been so, even in the shadows.

You can purchase the digital album here and doing so directly supports me and my art!  This album will release on Spotify, Apple Music and other digital platforms on January 1, 2021 as part of a greater campaign to places far and wide.

Much love to you all, wishing you a Happier New Year on the way