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Kristin Larkin

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Save Yourself

by Kristin Larkin | Regardless

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Campaign Update

I dropped out of high school in 1996, the summer after my junior year. I wasn’t sorry then, and I’m not sorry now. I had just been told by the public high school that my credits from 9th and 10th grade at my previous religious-based private school did not count, and...

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Behind The Song “Little Cowboy”

The song circle had gone around the porch a couple of times already, and now Peter placed the acoustic guitar was placed in my hands. “Your turn, Kristin!” I hesitated, looking around at the folks there, and giving the ole girl a strum. “What should I play?” I asked...

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And So We Are… From Trauma To Healing

In my therapy session today I met a girl. It was hard to find her, but through the murky waters of my subconscious, with some guidance and compassion, she appeared. She was around 8-9 years old. She had long, wavy brown hair, and a blue collared dress. She sat at the...

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